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Lekki Postal & Zip Codes

Lekki postal & zip codes in Lagos, Nigeria and their street names.

Lekki postal & zip codes
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Lekki postal & zip codes

District Name: Lekki
Local Government AreaEti-osa LGA
StateLagos State
Lekki Zip & postal code: 105102

About Lekki

I lived in this beautiful estate with my family as far back as when i was still a Primary School child. Back then, the inner roads of the estate were often flooded. Yes i know that’s still mostly the case even now but trust me, you can’t compare it to the situation years ago.

As at 2015, development of Lekki Phase 1 (one) had been completed, while the project on Lekki Phase 2 was still underway. The Estate spans approximately 70 to 80 km long and 10 km wide on average.

Apparently, the grand master plan for Lekki was to be a community that would one day hold as much as 3.4 million residential population and at least 1.9 million in non-residential population. With the cost of living perpetually off the charts in that place, one can only wonder if this dream will eventually be actualized.

Places to hangout/visit in Lekki, Lagos

As long as it’s Lekki, there’s an endless assortment of avenues to blow your money and have fun. Here’s a list of all the nice places to hangout when next you visit:

  • The Palms Shopping mall
  • Lekki conservation center
  • Xovar lounge
  • Elegushi beach
  • Lekki Leisure lake
  • Filmhouse Imax cinemas
  • Leisure Sports Park
  • Nike Art Gallery
  • The Pavilion
  • Bay Lounge
  • The Place Restaurant & Bar
  • Get Arena
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Stranger Lagos

Postal and zip codes for street names in Lekki

Location Postcode
Pepemeta 105102
Ode Omi 105102
Poka 105102
Ogogoro 105102
Okegelu 105102
Siriwon 105102
Oko Oba 105102
Okunise 105102
Okun Folu 105102
Osokoro 105102
Okunalye 105102
Tiye 105102
Olomowewe 105102
Oniganrigan 105102
Onigbedu 105102
Oniyanrin 105102
Otolu 105102
Okun Oriyanrin 105102
Mafogunde 105102
Osoroko 105102
Mogido 105102
Origanringan 105102
Abaketa 105102
Ikegun 105102
Aboreji 105102
Ilagbo 105102
Apakun 105102
Ilege 105102
Apakin 105102
Ilogbo 105102
Akodoise 105102
Imoba 105102
Ebute Ilosu 105102
Imedu 105102
Ebute Lekki 105102
Imagbon Segun 105102
Folu 105102
Imosan 105102
Idata 105102
Ise Owode 105102
Idaso Magbo Segun 105102
Itamarun 105102
Ide Kekere 105102
Itoke 105102
Ide Nla 105102
Kosu 105102
Idotun 105102
Igbolomi 105102
Igbekodo 105102
Lepiya 105102
Igbogun 105102
Lekki Town 105102

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