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Badagry Postal & Zip Codes

Badagry postal & zip codes in Lagos state, Nigeria with street names.

Badagry Postal & Zip Codes
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Badagry postal and zip codes

District Name: Badagry
Local Government AreaBadagry LGA
StateLagos State
Badagry Zip & postal code: 103101

About Badagry

Badagry is a coastal town located in between Lagos city and Seme Border. Many Lagosians still argue today that Badagry is in fact not within Lagos but that isn’t true. It is situated along the State’s outskirts.

Perhaps the most prominent aspects of their history, what everyone remembers the place for is the Slave Trade activities that took place there decades ago.

Villages, towns, cities in Badagry

Some of the well known villages, towns and cities in Badagry include Age Mowo, Magbon, Morogbo, Agbara, Igbogbele, Ilogbo Eremi, Ajara Agamathem Vetho-Ibereko, Asago Sango, Ascon, Bereks-Surulere, and Bereks-Surulere among others.

Places to hangout/visit in Badagry, Lagos.

When it comes to Colonial era heritage (if there’s such a thing), Badagry is most likely the first place in Lagos where you can find pre-independence historic buildings and more.

Here’s a list of all the nice places to hangout when next you visit Badagry:

  • Seriki Faremi Abass Slave Museum
  • Nigeria’s first Christian Mission
  • Slave Port Badagry
  • The First Administrative Building
  • The first well in Nigeria
  • The first storey building in Nigeria
  • Royal Palace of Mobee of Badagry

Post and zip codes for street names in Badagry.

Location Postcode
Ilagbo Badagry 103101
Okun Padre 103101
Imeke 103101
Ipara 103101
Ipako 103101
Ropoju 103101
Povita 103101
Sakpo Beach 103101
Iragbo 103101
Samo Ekun Parapo 103101
Shoko 103101
Samo Seje 103101
Itoga Gbo 103101
Irosu 103101
Itoga Zanmu 103101
Topo 103101
Iworo 103101
Sito Beach 103101
Iyaafin 103101
Tosavi Beach 103101
Magbon Iibiye 103101
Yeketome 103101
Magbon Ilado 103101
Yesufu Beach 103101
Morogbo 103101
Hado 103101
Ojogun 103101
Ijotun 103101
Okio Afo 103101
Yovoyan 103101
Okogbo 103101
Badagry 103101
Badagry 103101
Afoo 103101
Badagry 103101
Agbojedo 103101
Abia 103101
Age Mowo 103101
Dadi Esepe 103101
Agonvi 103101
Dado 103101
Agorin 103101
Farasime 103101
Agumo 103101
Ganyingbo Oke 103101
Aivoji Beach 103101
Ganyingbo Topa 103101
Ajido 103101
Garafa 103101
Genme 103101
Gbaji 103101
Alakoto Meji 103101
Akarakunmo 103101
Apa 103101
Ibereko 103101
Aseri Owode 103101
Ibeye Ibuku 103101
Asipa Beach 103101
Idale 103101

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