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What is my postal code number? My Postal Code | Lagos postal & zip codes is the biggest search engine to find postal codes, post codes or zip codes for Lagos State across various LGAs and streets. 

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Lagos zip code is a 6-digit number assigned by NIPOST to the Ikeja post office in Lagos and these codes are given in order to make it easier to find a particular place with every location having its unique code. They aid you in navigating different parts of this great city easily.

To avoid confusion, the terms Postcodes, postal codes and zip codes all mean the exact same thing. It is referred to as any of these three depending on the country you’re in.

So when next you’re filling any online form that asks you to provide this information, remember the words are used interchangeably.

According to My Postal Code, the post codes for Lagos state are 100242 and 100001.

The state has 20 Local Government Areas: 4 LGAs are considered as non-metropolitan Lagos State, while the other 16 make up the city of Lagos.

If you’re at loss of what to search for using My Postal Code postcode finder, then search instead by Local Government Areas in Lagos.